© NeededHere.net div of Quertz Corp. Website developers have really cool Web pages...Right? I had a really cool page to demonstrate my ability to use today’s latest Web technology but I took it down. Last year a photographer I really respect said to me, “You really need to update your page.” The artist within me decided to immediately remove the page. Actually, I was shattered. Since that time, fortunately, I’ve been quite busy working with clients by developing websites and applying search engine optimizaiton (SEO) and Local Search strategies to improve their Internet visibility. .   My BrickBuilder© warranty really pays off. Why is it that even though my website was essentially off-line, my Web development practice grew? Now, I know why… I applied my BrickBuilder© warrantyit to myself. Once you read this you will understand. Where I live. South County, Rhode Island, we protect our stone walls almost as well as we protect our children. When you see one, you can’t help but marvel at the best walls and how each stone seems to belong just where it is. This is a true with websites. When everything is in place, a good website just feels and works right. This is so imporant to me that I actually took my own site down because someone I respected felt that a ‘stone might be out of place.’ Contact me to discuss what I can do to create or improve Web User Experiences for your websites. my e-mail      my phone: 401 281 9401       my location: Narragansett, Rhode Island (I prefer local clients)